Council on Brain Injury Informational Video

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Uploaded by SuperUser Account on 2/17/2015

CoBI is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to research, advocacy, and prevention of brain injury. The mission of CoBI is to:

  • Fund education and activities related to brain injury and prevention;
  • Support research for improved treatment;
  • Advocate for improved services. 

We are grateful for your interest. Our volunteer Board of Directors is committed to developing the scope of our education, research, and advocacy.  We hope to extend greater outreach to people whose lives have been altered by traumatic brain injury, and we are working to further efforts toward prevention.

CoBI participates in a number of events through the year focusing on both safety and prevention of brain injury, as well as fundraising for education related to brain injury.  We support research on brain injury and advocate for improved services. Through your donations we are able to keep these programs and opportunities alive! For more information, click on the Opportunities Given link on the left hand menu.




The annual CoBI conference in Pittsburgh, PA was a huge success and the evaluations were clear that this is a high quality, informative conference.  We are looking forward to putting together another great clinical faculty for 2016.

Thanks to our 2015 sponsors:

HLF Consulting Mars, PA

Micklow Consulting McMurray, PA


Each year, CoBI awards an individual who shows leadership and dedication in the field of brain injury.  We are now accepting nominations for the 2015 Award. If you know someone who embodies the spirit of CoBI and has shown leadership and dedication in the field of brain injury, please let us know!